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Grand Canyon Colorado River Flows - August, September, October and November

This is an August 27, 2020, update from Heather Patno at Glen Canyon Dam.

The release volume for September, 2020, will be 600,000 acre-feet, with fluctuations anticipated between about 6,800 cfs in the nighttime to about 12,200 cfs in the daytime and during the weekends the afternoon high will be 11,162 cfs. 

The anticipated release volume for October is 640,000 acre-feet with daily fluctuations between approximately 6,555 cfs and 12,315 cfs. The expected release for November is 640,000.

In addition to daily scheduled fluctuations for power generation, the instantaneous releases from Glen Canyon Dam may also fluctuate to provide 40 megawatts (mw) of system regulation. These instantaneous release adjustments stabilize the electrical generation and transmission system and translate to a range of about 1,200 cfs above or below the hourly scheduled release rate. Under system normal conditions, fluctuations for regulation are typically short lived and generally balance out over the hour with minimal or no noticeable impacts on downstream river flow conditions.

Detailed Glen Canyon Dam operations and forecasts can be seen here: Glen Canyon Dam

Best Regards,

Heather E. Patno

Hydraulic Engineer, Glen Canyon Dam

Bureau of Reclamation

O: 801-524-3883

C: 801-913-0744

GCPBA RiverNews 4/13/2021 - River Hazard Alert! Tram Cable Near Mile 267

GCPBA has received an alert from river runners of a steel cable sticking out from the left side river bank near the old Bat Cave at mile 267. Be very cautious when floating past here. Stay away from the left side!

Read the full announcement here: Tram Cable in the River

GCPBA RiverNews 7/5/2020 - Grand Canyon National Park Requests River Guides and Boaters Bypass Havasu Canyon

From Grand Canyon National Park:

Effective immediately, the National Park Service (NPS) is requesting all river trips, both commercial and non-commercial, to voluntarily bypass Havasu Canyon on the Colorado river, located at river mile 157. This request is an effort to minimize the spread of the COVID-19 virus and to further safeguard the Havasupai people and their traditional lands. River guides and boaters are encouraged to honor this request out of respect and safety for the Havasupai people.

Read the full announcement here: Bypass Havasu Canyon

GCPBA RiverNews 6/7/2020 - River Precautions When River Trips Resume

The Colorado River through Grand Canyon will be open starting June 14th. We will be able to use our Noncommercial River Permits. We have been in contact with the Grand Canyon River Permits Office for what river trip participants need to be aware of when river trips resume.

Read our full announcement here: River Precautions When River Trips Resume

GCPBA RiverNews 5/27/2020 - Grand Canyon National Park Adds More Noncommercial River Trips

On May 4, 2020, GCPBA President Richard Harter mailed a letter to Grand Canyon National Park which reviewed the 134 noncommercial river trips that were suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. They were scheduled to launch in March, April, May, and June of this year. There is a new announcement May 27 from GCNP that the suspension will not continue past the previously announced June 13 date.
Read our full announcement here: More Noncommercial Trips


Cooler Research:

GCPBA board member Blakely LaCroix and Peter Werness, Ph.D. did a formal scientific analysis of the performance of coolers in different configurations.  Their released results are available here:

Article 1:  Evaluation of Drained vs. Un-Drained Coolers Cooler Research Article 1 Drain vs No Drain

Article 2:  Evaluation of Block ice vs. Cube ice Cooler Research article #2 - Block ice vs Cube ice

Article 3:  Evaluation of Block ice vs. Bottle ice Cooler Research article#3- Block ice vs Bottle ice

Article 4:  Evaluation of a Damp Towel Cooler Cover Cooler Research article #4 - Evaluation of Damp Towel Cooler Cover

Launching at Lee's In 1956 (Katie Lee)
Great trips to all!

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Our Goal:  Ensure the ability for all to obtain, on an equal and timely basis, an opportunity to experience a float trip through the Grand Canyon while protecting the resource.

The Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association was established in 1996 to provide the self-outfitted boating public with an advocate and a clear voice seeking to achieve fair access for the non-commercial river runner in Grand Canyon and the rivers of the Colorado Plateau region.

Important note to previous GCPBA website registrants - your previous username will still work on this new site but your password may not. If it doesn't work, you will be taken to a page allowing you to request a new password that will be emailed to you. Once you are able to log in, you can change your password if you desire. We're sorry for the inconvenience - building a new website is as challenging as running a heavy boat through Bedrock at low, low water.

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