GCPBA RiverNews (10/04/11) – GCPBA President Wally Rist meets GCNP’s superintendent David Uberuaga

GCPBA president Wally Rist meets with Grand Canyon National Park's new superintendent David Uberuaga.

On Monday, October 3rd, GCPBA president Wally Rist met with Grand Canyon's new superintendent David Uberuaga (pronounced you-ber-AH-ga).  The purpose of the meeting was introduce our group to him and to open a line of communication.  Wally presented Superintendent Uberuaga with a GCPBA ball cap and spent about an hour discussing issues important to our association.  Both Wally and Superintendent Uberuaga came away with the feeling that the meeting was productive and future communication between the two will be an important source of understanding and guidance.

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