Five gallons of gas gets me through the Canyon…

Five gallons of gas gets me through the Canyon… - Trip Report - Sept. 5, 2011 Motor Trip

Twelve days to Diamond Creek with 8 people on 3 motor rafts with 1 kayak. 4 out and 1 in at DC to PF.

Water in mid 20s -- big, easy, fun, and fast. Less intense than Cataract Canyon at that level but of course GC is a longer trip with more white water over all.

Saw only about 4 private trips. Commercial interactions were minimal except for an Oars trip on about the same schedule. This puts the lie to the wonderfulness of monodurational trips.

Lava left was easy and straightforward -- why run the problematic right at that level with the existing geomorphology?

2.3 cases of tolio at a level 3 intensity (a mild case on one foot of each of two people and one case of athlete's foot on another person).

Moenkopi Riverworks provided excellent food and services including a rental house before and after the trip.

Personnel (among others): 3 current or former board members of GCPBA and the GCPBA attorney in recent successful lawsuits supporting the current CRMP. This permit was a transition from the waitlist.**

Ankle biter flies cannot get through aluminum foil socks.

No fires -- yay!

Five gallons of gas gets me through the Canyon on that schedule. Idling mostly -- shhhshhhh putt putt. No roaring and no rushing.

Dave Yeamans

** The waitlist was the old system of launch awarding; you would sign up and when your turn arrived, you would be given a launch day, perhaps not of your first choice at the time. Today's lottery system seems to engender much less but not zero suspicion and aggravation. For those new to this list, GCPBA sued the NPS and got them to create a Colorado River Management Plan by 2006. They did and GCPBA generally likes it. We wonder about a few things like why it is that privates get charged 2 user days on an exchange day and commercials only get charged for one. Also, why are private trips required to be smaller than commercial trips? These seem to be fairness issues, not resource allocation or protection issues.


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