Good gosh, what a hole!!!!

Good gosh, what a hole!!!! - 

 Trip Report – June 8, 2011 Doug Grosjen

Just got off, pulling out at Pierce Ferry yesterday (07jun2011). 

Had a blast! I piloted / rowed an 18' Maravia oar raft through all
 the rapids after Phantom, which is where my mentor hiked out (as arranged beforehand).

I'd never piloted a raft on real whitewater before, let alone an oar rig. I had my doubts, but when crunch time came, I had clean runs through nearly everything .

As a seasoned kayaker with many high-water runs on the New River Gorge, only Lava Falls was amazing whitewater to me. And it was
 AMAZING to me. Good gosh, what a hole!!!!

 But ... the hiking, geology, photography, and drawing (waterproof paper and space pen) opportunities were incredible .

I couldn't keep a digital camera charged with the small Brunton 
charger I had, but I also had film cameras, including panoramic camera. I shot about 25-30 rolls of film, plus a couple hundred 
digi-images, plus drew a couple dozen drawings.

 My wish-list on getting back to civilization was a cold drink with 
ice, and a hot shower with real soap, hold the sand.

 Currently on Amtrak train in Albuquerque. NM, on the way back to Ohio.

Doug Grosjean
 Pemberville, Ohio

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