Ten Days of Geology

Ten Days of Geology - Trip Report Sept. 27, 2008 Jan Taylor

I just got back from a 10-day rafting trip in the Canyon on Tuesday. The weather was incredible and we got to do some wonderful hikes from the river, including Thunder River (from the Racetrack and back), Matkatamiba, the Carbon-Chuar-Lava loop, a full moon hike up to Hilltop Ruin, and a little ways up Havasu, to name a few. Havasu is still running very milky, but it's no longer muddy and is starting to tinge toward blue. There is a lot of evidence of silt banks and torn up trees, but it's not nearly as bad as I expected. We saw bighorns with their harems and babies nearly every day. In addition, there was a rattler on the jump rock at Elves Chasm. It wasn't a safe place for the poor guy, so Ed, our TL, climbed up with a big branch and saved the shivering critter from sure death. We didn't get any jumpers after that.

Wayne Ranney was our geologic leader and gave wonderful talks each morning. We were very lucky to have outstanding AzRA guides: Ed Hasse (TL), Rob Elliott, Louise Teal, and Cassie Micheli. They were all outstanding, fun, funny, and looked out for our safety without being overbearing. Everyone on the trip was there for fun and learning, and everyone contributed to the chores and cooking. It was an outstanding group, a great group of leaders, perfect weather, and a nearly perfect trip. If not for my usual scrapes and bruises, it would have been perfect. But at least I didn't get any finger cracks!

Jan Taylor SoCal

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