“It was straight down the right shore at Hance…”

"It was straight down the right shore at Hance..." - Remembered by Rich Turner

It was straight down the right shore at Hance, you, Gary Call, and me.  Not pretty runs but we all made it through without any damage.  We also got to Dubendorf at mid afternoon and thought it was too low to run, so we camped above it figuring the water would come up the next day.  It didn't.  Just at dusk we decided to go ahead and run it anyway.  We ran it one at a time, again making without hitting anything.  The last one of us pulled into the beach at Stone Creek as it was getting dark.  I think the Dubendorf runs and the down the right at Hance were on the same trip.  We ended up at least one day behind schedule, and pulled out at Diamond Creek instead of going all to way to Pearce Ferry.  I think Martin (Litton, ed.)and Jeff Clayton flew over us at Lower Lava and dropped a note offer the choice of taking the extra time to go to Pearce or do the Diamond pull-out.  That was the one and only time I pulled out at Diamond Creek until our private trip in 2004.  I hope to never use Diamond Creek again to pull out.  I hate it.

I also remember a trip when not far below Diamond Creek rapid we were waved over to the right shore by a guy with his family and dog.  He had run his big old power boat up from the lake and pulled onto shore for a while when the water dropped significantly (it was weekend water), leaving the boat about 10 or 12 feet above the river in the rocks.  They had spent the night and wanted us to help him carry the boat down to the water.  As it probably weighed a ton or more, we declined the offer and told him he would have to wait two days for the water to maybe come up enough to refloat his boat.  I think we might have left him a little food.  He wasn't very happy.

At least that's the way my feeble memory recalls the good old days of the late '70's.


Hance Rapid, 1963, 2,500 cfs - (photo) M.D. Beal


Lava Falls, 1963, 2,500 cfs - Belknap

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