Upcoming NPS administrative river trips for July 2012

1. July 4 - 14:
We will be conducting the third of three trips surveying for Southwest Willow Flycatchers and for Tamarisk Beetles.  This is a single-boat motorized trip launching July 4 at Lees Ferry and taking out at Pearce Ferry on July 14.  Nate Alvord will be the trip leader.  They will be surveying for beetles every 1-2 miles.  They will be surveying for birds at selected locations from 5 am to 10 am when birds are most active.  This trip may survey at or near your camp early in the morning.  If they do so, the crew will make every effort to minimize their presence.  Please feel free to stop in and ask for information. 
2. July 25 - August 1:
We will be conducting a single-boat motorized trip for the Youth Conservation Corps.  YCC is an 8-10 week program for 15-18 year-old teenagers.  The goal is to build teamwork skills and awareness of the Nation's environment through participation in land management projects.  Most of the participants come from the South Rim Village or have lived there previously.  The YCC crew is a paid team of youth, who applied for these positions.  This will be the first job experience for many, and the program will also try to develop and instill a strong work ethic in the youth.  The majority of the program consists of work projects on the rim.  During the river-trip portion of the program, the YCC crew will be conducting work and service projects along the river corridor. 
3. July 23 - August 6:
We will be conducting a five-boat oar trip in partnership with Grand Canyon Youth.  We will have a full exchange out of Phantom Ranch on July 30.  This is the Leading the Way trip, a program designed to bring visually impaired youth to the river.  The youth will be conducting several service projects as part of this program, and may include removing invasive plants, surveying for tamarisk beetles, collecting bighorn sheep scat for DNA testing, collecting soundscape data for the NPS, picking up trash and cleaning the backcountry toilets.
Thanks, we apologize in advance for any inconveniences.
Chelly Kearney
River Patrol Ranger
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