GCPBA RiverNews 8/1/2012 National Canyon Camps Washed Away in Major Flash Flood

GCPBA RiverNews 8/1/2012 National Canyon Camps Washed Away in Major Flash Flood

GCPBA has learned from recent Grand Canyon river runners that National Canyon flash flooded in mid-July and washed away the sand at the camps located there, at river mile 167.  Wayne Slattery wrote, "It took me a while to recognize the area. Where the camps had been are now just piles of rocks".

We advise river runners to expect no sand at these camps at riverside for an extended and unknown period of time.

This is very unfortunate, as these camps are very popular.  Many people camp at National for the hike up the beautiful side canyon and to set up for a run through Lava Falls the next afternoon.

We will update the situation at these camps as we receive new information.  River runners are encouraged to notify GCPBA with notes and photos of the condition of these camps as they float by. We would like to document the (hopeful) replenishment of sand at the National camps as it happens over the upcoming months and years.  Write to us at our Yahoo Group at

We hope that the new management plan (LTEMP) for Glen Canyon Dam, yet to be decided, will provide for beach building at National and other camps in Grand Canyon.  A free flowing river might quickly, over the course of flooding, return a wiped out camp like National to its former state.  The ongoing LTEMP process seeks as part of the process to establish a management regime that provides for the restoration of canyon beaches.

Read more about the LTEMP process here: http://ltempeis.anl.gov/index.cfm

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