GCPBA RiverNews 9/20/12 – Deer Creek Narrows Remains Closed While GCNP Considers Alt Action

GCNP Superintendent Dave Uberuaga informed participants in a Sept. 10th conference call discussing the closure of Deer Creek narrows and falls in the Grand Canyon that the closure was more controversial than anticipated when the decision was reached to close the narrows in deference to the spiritual beliefs and traditions of the Paiute Nation.

The narrows will remain closed throughout the course of the ongoing Grand Canyon Backcountry Management Plan (BMP). According to the Superintendent, "the BMP process will allow the public to weigh in on the decision and for the park to consider alternative means to protect this important natural and cultural resource. The restriction will remain in place as temporary until a final determination regarding Deer Creek is made through the BMP process."

The Superintendent went on to say "I thank your for your participation in this process and encourage you to stay involved in the BMP process to help us at the park make the best decisions in the plan regarding Deer Creek, and all the backcountry lands within the Grand Canyon National Park."

GCPBA wants to thank the Superintendent for reopening the issue for consideration and comment.

You can read the letter by clicking the link below.

For GCPBA: Richard "Ricardo" Martin

Deer Creek Letter

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