GCPBA RiverNews 10/04/12 – LCR Development Updates

Hey River Community!

HEADS UP!  Here are a few very important updates about the proposed Grand Canyon Escalade development at the Confluence of the Little Colorado and Colorado Rivers:

1) The Grand Canyon Trust has accepted an invitation from the "Save the Confluence" families in the Gap/Bodaway chapter of the Navajo Nation to assist that group in opposing the development.  Thank you Grand Canyon Trust!!!

2) The Save The Confluence group published a recent full page advertisement on the back page of the Navajo-Hopi Observer newspaper.  It included a notice that encourages people to help by signing their petition OPPOSING the outrageous Grand Canyon Escalade development, by texting "SACRED" to 67463.  This petition is for everyone, Navajos and Non-Navajos alike-- anyone who doesn't want to see Grand Canyon changed forever by massive development at the Confluence that includes a resort and a tramway and restaurant at river level!

3) Check out the following important article published today in the Navajo Times:
Bodaway Opens Door to the Escalade: http://www.navajotimes.com/politics/2012/1012/100412esc.php

4) Also much more information is available on the Save the Confluence website, http://www.savetheconfluence.com

Thanks to Lynn Hamilton, Grand Canyon River Guides

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