GCPBA RiverNews 11/14/12 – Summary of the 2012 GCPBA Annual Board Meeting

At it's recent meeting, October 27 and 28, the GCPBA board summarized and debated some of the activities that the organization was involved in during the past year.  Those included - developing the new web site; the need to rely more on Facebook; placement of GCPBA banners and promotional materials with the various commercial outfitters; that the Yahoogroup now has more than 2,600 members; and, GCPBA‚s continued regular contacts with other GC river-related groups, specifically extensive coordination with them regarding the Long Term Experimental and Management Plan for Glen Canyon Dam earlier in the year, and the preliminary work already being done to resist proposed resort development at the Little Colorado River.

It was announced that all current board members had been reelected, and that Dave Mortenson was voted-in as a new member.  All board officers will be maintaining their current postions.  That is; President - Wally Rist, Vice President - Rich Harter, Treasurer - David Levine, and Secretary - Rich Phillips.  As the average age of current board members is increasing, a discussion ensued on how we might recruit some younger associates, as well as female members.  A considerable amount of time was also spent  reviewing member comments from the ballots, and the results of the Surveymonkey poll done earlier in the Fall.

Other important topics discussed included; the one-trip-a-year rule; winter firewood use; lead time for secondary lotteries; packrafting; the closure of the Deer Creek Narrows; and, the proposed LCR development.  Packrafting, the closure of Deer Creek Narrows, and the possible Escalade development at the the confluence of the main and Little Colorado Rivers consumed the greatest amount of time, energy, and patience.  These are all issues that will take a significant amount of coordination and cooperation with other stakeholders if they are to be resolved comprehensively.

Several members of the NPS joined us to consider those same topics.  Those who attended were; David Uberuaga, Superintendent; Linda Jalbert, Wilderness Planner; Steve Sullivan, River Permits Manager; and Vanna Pryputniewicz, Outdoor Recreation Planner.  Additional topics we covered with them included Grand Canyon West, the high flow event coming this November, the use of smaller camps by smaller parties, tamarisk beetles and the revegetation project currently underway at Granite Camp, and the backcountry management plan that is now under developed.  Steve Sullivan reported on the last year‚s lottery and permit activity, and described a variety of upgrades to the computer system.  An extensive discussion followed, covering 2012 statistics, use patterns, and other topics. Steve used a Powerpoint presentation that will be available for general viewing in the near future.   We were also informed that the Lee‚s Ferry Road will undergo extensive resurfacing starting this winter.  This project could take as long as a year and is likely to cause some bottlenecks.

Before adjourning on Sunday, discussions continued on the previous days work.  In addition, we explored strategies for assisting tribal and other parties who oppose the LCR Escalade project; membership; organizing an auction; the future of our publication; web site promotion; and fundraising. Ongoing participation in the LTEMP process is anticipated in the coming year ˆ a project that is likely to involve travel and other associated financial outlays beyond the normal budget.  All of our work was summarized at the General Membership Meeting that afternoon.

We would like to thank everyone who has become a member of GCPBA, maintained his/her membership, and contributed time and money to our organization.  Without you, we could accomplish little.  We are hopeful that more of you will be able to attend in the future and allow us the opportunity to meet you and hear your views.  Thank you.

For GCPBA: Rich Phillips and Rich Turner
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