Ron Sundberg’s 2009 Visit to the Shaman’s Panel (GCNP)

These photos are published with permission form the late Ron Sundberg. They are of a infrequently visited Grand Canyon anthropological site - remember, if you visit this site or any site, don't touch any of the delicate artwork or fragile artifacts that may be scattered about.

"Starting with a single cell of of Pure Love Energy Ron Sundberg was built into a towering pillar of Light. His Calm, genuine nature yearned to explore and see all that he could see. On this journey Ron took others into his adventuress heart and passed that Love Energy selflessly. I wonder if he isn't with the Shaman that constructed these panels with a big smile on his face listening to the stories of their time on Earth...Free At Last.... you will never be forgotten Ron. WE LOVE YOU!" Brady Black (2013)

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