GCPBA RiverNews 08.28.13 – Old Guy To Retire From GCPBA Board

GCPBA's Board announces with regrets and deep appreciation for his service, that Richard Martin – Ricardo to so many of us -- is retiring from the Board at the end of his current term, in December 2013.

Ricardo is one of GCPBA's founding members, and the only one who has remained on the Board since its formation in 1996. He was instrumental in initially shaping GCPBA as a functional river organization. His vision was for GCPBA to effectively represent the private segment of the GC boating community to the Park Service and to others in that community – something that was sorely lacking in that era. And as GCPBA's President for many years, he saw that that vision was carried forward in an effective manner.

While his activities were many and notable, one of his most significant periods of activity involved steering GCPBA through the development and legal defense of the Colorado River Management Plan. That process began with many members of the GC boating community holding long-standing, seemingly irresolvable, yet understandable differences. Ricardo had a vision that collaboration and good-faith cooperation could bring those varied parties and views together. And that came to fruition as a result of a like vision, and the invaluable contribution, of many others in the GC river community. The result was the ability to present the Park with a workable solution to what had been the formerly intractable problem of balancing access between the private and commercial boating sectors.

Ricardo is an immeasurable repository of both historical and practical knowledge regarding the Canyon. He was an extraordinarly valuable resource for GCBPA's Board long after he stepped down as President. And for many years, his lovingly and carefully crafted publication, "The Waiting List", was one of the premier GC river publications.

Ricardo's contributions to the Grand Canyon river community are numerous -- at the personal, organizational, and policy levels. While he will be missed on the Board, his spirit will continue, along with his availability as a valuable background resource.

Wally Rist,
Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association

PS - No doubt Ricardo will publish some sort of windy farewell "do this and don't do that" letter before his term terminates - we wait patiently.

In the picture below we see Ricardo demonstrating his famous "leadership style."

Here we see Ricardo demonstrating his famous "leadership style."

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