GCPBA RiverNews 8.28.13 – GCPBA Requests NPS Reconsider One Trip Per Year Rule During Winter – Increase Winter Trip Length

GCPBA Requests NPS Reconsider One Trip Per Year Rule During Winter - Increase Winter Trip Length

In a July letter to GCNP Superintendent Dave Uberuaga GCPBA President Wally Rist asked that the Park Service consider modifying the "one trip per year rule" during winter months.

Rist requested that people who had participated in a trip during one calendar year be exempted from the controversial rule to participate in winter trips if those trips had not been awarded after being offered in two lotteries.

In his letter, Rist wrote "...we believe the recommended modification will be helpful in awarding potentially unused launches and will not cause someone who goes on a second trip in a year, during the winter season, to take the place of another who would have gone otherwise. We remind you that by NPS statistics (from pre 2006 CRMP), less than one half of one percent of noncommercial users took more than I trip per year (DE IS Vol. 2, p. 657)."

Additionally, GCPBA stated "As a separate matter, we would favor a rule modification to allow longer winter trips, preferably to the former30 day limit."

The Superintendent responded "We also do not like to see the handful of winter river permits going unused each year, and have looked carefully at why they are going unused. It is not that the trips are undesired; we see applicants claiming our winter permits as long as there is sufficient time before launch remaining for the necessary preparations and planning. In fact, all launch dates do get claimed at least once. The problem is late cancellations. Understandably, few are interested in applying for a winter launch if they have less than a month or so to plan. As a consequence, we have been considering ways to effectively reduce the number of late cancellations for winter trips. At the October [GCPBA Annual Meeting, ed.] meeting we would be interested to listen further to your ideas and consider them alongside our own. "

The questions will be addressed at the GCPBA annual Board Meeting during our meeting with the National Park Service. There will be public meeting at the Radisson Hotel in Flagstaff, Sunday Oct. 6,  2013 at 1 PM.

The letters From GCPBA to the Superintendent and his response may be viewed below:

Grand Canyon Winter OTAY-1

Park Response 7-24-2013

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