GCPBA RiverNews 10.05.13 – Stay Tuned: GCNP To Make Announcement Soon Concerning Status of Already Permitted River Trips Currently Unable To Launch

In a Saturday conversation with GCNP Superintendent David Uberuaga and GCNP River District Ranger Brian Bloom GCPBA learned today the Park intends to make a public statement early next week concerning the status of river trips at the Ferry currently unable to launch due to the shutdown of the Federal government.

There is no provision being considered to launch trips before the shutdown comes to an end.

The Superintendent and Ranger Bloom have spoken with both GCPBA and the commercial outfitters seeking a fair solution as to how best accommodate river runners currently unable to launch, or who may be unable to launch later due to the continuing shutdown.

River runners are not alone in their Grand Canyon distress.  Supt. Uberuaga reported that there are more than 2,000 NPS and concessions employees at the South Rim currently out of work.

People holding river permits will be contacted directly by the NPS outlining a series of options permit holders will have to resolve the unfortunate consequences of the shutdown.

GCPBA thanks very much the Superintendent and Ranger Bloom for working with us in their efforts to craft a fair solution to a difficult problem and for reaching out to the river community, both non-commercial and commercial. Thanks very much to the river outfitters for their cooperation in working for a solution.

When exact details become available, we'll report on the Park's proposed solution.

For GCPBA: Richard "Ricardo" Martin and the GCPBA news staff

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