GCPBA RiverNews 10.07.13 – GCPBA President Rist Comments On Park Plan

GCPBA applauds GCNP and especially Superintendent Uberuaga , and River District Ranger, Brian Bloom for its work in bringing together various stakeholders to assist in the formulation of this plan. Proudly, GCPBA was an integral contributor. There were others as well but it should be noted that the commercial outfitters were extremely helpful as well as sympathetic working with the NPS to accommodate displaced private river trips  GCPBA thanks them all as well. It was truly a cooperate effort .

The Plan cannot address the reopenning of the Park .GCPBA understands that it will require congress, or maybe the DOI to do such.

We are well aware that the plan cannot eliminate all the pain, or inconvenience. We do hope it provides some relief for many.

Wally Rist
President, GCPBA

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