GCPBA RiverNews 10.11.13 – Grand Canyon National Park Remains Closed for Downstream Colorado River Trips from Lee’s Ferry

Grand Canyon, AZ – Grand Canyon National Park remains closed due to the lapse in federal appropriations.  All visitor facilities and recreational opportunities including visitor centers, park hotels, campgrounds, roads, and downstream river launches are closed. The park will remain closed until federal appropriations are made available or an agreement between the Department of the Interior and the State of Arizona is reached.

Downstream Colorado River trips from Lee’s Ferry will remain on hold until the park re-opens.

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is allowing upstream travel to the Dam from Lee’s Ferry based on funding received through the State of Utah agreement with the Department of the Interior.

On October 7 Grand Canyon National Park announced its plan to accommodate river permit holders once the government re-opens. Details were sent to each river permit holder outlining the options in the plan and any priority each may have.

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