Look for or offer to someone a Grand Canyon trip in a new Yahoo group

A new Yahoo Group as a place for folks to exchange information on Grand Canyon river trips!

Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association (GCPBA) has set up a new Yahoo Group as a place for folks to exchange information on Grand Canyon river trips. It’s intended to help people seeking spots on a trip, as well as folks with a permit who are looking for additional participants. In short, it’s a place dedicated to exchanging trip-specific planning information for Grand Canyon river trips.

The new list is found at https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/gc_river_trip_planning/info

Feel free to go there to post information about your upcoming trip, and needs you may have for participants, shuttle coordination, and other logistics where contact with other trip leaders/permit holders may be helpful. For instance, trip leaders who want to contact others launching, exchanging, or taking out at about the same time can make those contacts here, since the Park is not able to provide that information directly.

Also, if you are looking for a trip as a passenger or boater, and want to post information about yourself, your capabilities, experience, and the gear you may be able to provide, this will be a place you can do that.

The new list won’t be a place for other kinds of discussions, unrelated to specific GC river trip planning concerns. When posting, please sign your name, to let readers know with whom they are communicating.

GCPBA is not responsible in any way for representations made by persons who post on the trip planning list regarding trips, nor does it endorse their qualifications for organizing, leading, or participating in a GC river trip. All the usual rules about civility, consideration of others, and legal conduct apply.

We hope this new list will be useful to members of the GC boating community, and we will be open to suggestions on how to improve its use.

Rich Phillips

Secretary, GCPBA

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