GCPBA RiverNews 9/25/16 – Grand Canyon’s New Granite Springs Rapid

Boaters beware!

GCPBA has learned of a change in Granite Springs Rapid at about mile 220.5, just after the popular mile 220 camps.  This stretch of the river with "minor" rapids between mile 220 and Diamond Creek is often taken for granted by boaters as an easy six miles to the Diamond takeout, but no longer should that be so.

Reports are that debris washed down Granite Springs Canyon during a flash flood, narrowing the river at the mouth of the canyon and depositing boulders in the river.  At various flows there is a very large hole just right of center of the rapid, hidden about halfway down the wave train.  It is not very visible at the entrance to the rapid.  Be aware if you scout from your boat at the approach!

This hole has flipped 16' and 18' boats and washed people out of other boats.  It is suggested by boaters who have seen the hole and the new rapid that we should look at running the left side of the rapid, although that, of course, can also change at any time.

You can see it here, on Youtube, nearly flipping a raft and giving people an unexpected swim:


From another perspective, this is a wonderful example of how dynamic the river is, how it can change at any time.

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