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The Grand Canyon Private Boaters Association was established in 1996 to provide the self-outfitted boating public with an advocate and a clear voice seeking to achieve fair access for the non-commercial river runner in Grand Canyon and the rivers of the Colorado Plateau region.

Our Goal: Ensure the ability for all to obtain, on an equal and timely basis, an opportunity to experience a float trip through the Grand Canyon while protecting the resource.

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GCPBA is the leading advocate for the private boater who wants to boat the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.

We meet with the National Park Service on a regular basis to discuss various issues, mostly access for boaters to Grand Canyon via a river trip permit. We were instrumental in the huge gains in the number of permits issued to private boaters versus the situation of a short time ago.

We discuss with the NPS the numerous rules and regulations as pertain to a Grand Canyon trip. We suggest improvements to the regulations we all have to follow when on a river trip.

We constantly work with the NPS permit office to help them streamline the permit lottery process to be fair and equitable to all boaters.

We are involved in resource protection of the river corridor so that future boaters can enjoy a Grand Canyon trip at least as well as we do now.

Join us! Help us to be your voice with the National Park Service when we discuss various river issues. Contact our membership coordinator at membership@gcpba.org.


Through the years - GCPBA Accomplishments

Founded in 1996 and grew to become the most respected voice of private boater interests.

Filed suit against NPS to resume planning process for Colorado River recreational use
• Settled lawsuit leading to restarting the planning process
• Represented private boaters at every Colorado River Management Planning meeting and workshop held across the USA
• Participated in development of River Trip Simulator - proposed plans to NPS to double launch opportunities for private boaters
• Formed coalition of leading constituent groups to advance private boater issues during CRMP process, Grand Canyon River Guides, Grand Canyon River Outfitters Association, Grand Canyon River Runners Association, American Whitewater
• With co-operation of outfitter community proposed modifications to Park Service proposal to equal out user days inequalities and secure 503 non-commercial launches annually. Adopted and implemented by NPS.
• Participated in NPS Adaptive Management Scenic Overflight Work- group to reduce overflight noise and nuisance for river runners as well as improve visitation experience for all who visit the Grand Canyon
• Participated by intervening in lawsuits challenging implementation of current plan which could have resulted in significant reduction in launch opportunities for non-commercial boaters as well as entire river community
• Established continuing communications with GCNP management representing private boater interests and issues
• Actively worked with NPS to develop river runner handbook
• Co-developed with Grand Canyon River Guides the NPS distributed river "Canyon Courtesy" flyer
• Maintain largest Canyon related internet based chat group (yahoogroups.com), a reliable source of river information, trip planning, Canyon stories and lore, connection location for those seeking or offering trip opportunities
• Distribute river and Canyon related news stories
• Sponsor periodic river gear auctions
• Secured and made available river/paddling medical and evacuation insurance program
• Instrumental in getting Pearce Ferry Road established for take outs above Pearce Ferry Rapid.
• Encouraged the construction of the shade pavilion at Lee's Ferry and expansion of private launch area on the launch ramp
• Work with NPS on volunteer in park projects
• Pioneered annual San Juan river clean up trips.

The GCPBA bylaws are here:  Bylaws - Approved 10-27-12

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