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    Dan Marshall

    I’m looking for an experienced Grand Canyon oarsman for a 16 day trip starting Aug 9, with a Aug 8 launch date. We plan to take out at Diamond Aug 24. You can bring a friend if you want to.

    I’ve been planning this trip since winning the lottery in Feb. Another experienced oarsman was planning to join us with his wife, but they just had to back out. The Park service wants our trip plan by May 11.

    The current structure of the trip is 6 of us and 3 eighteen foot rafts we’re renting from Ceiba. We’re looking for 2 additional people. Ceiba is also packing our food and providing all the other gear and shuttles. 4 of the 6 are my son Alex, and 3 of his friends. They are all about 28 years old, which will bring a particular flavor to the trip. Then there’s myself and a friend I’ve known had since we were about 5.
    Clearly we need to add two more people, with one of them being an experienced oarsman. The current projected cost of the trip is $1200 plus $200 deposit per person. Each of us will get a +/- $140 refund if there’s no damaged equipment.

    I’ll be rowing one of the boats. I have lots of experience on the Grand, but most of it was a number of years ago. Alex will be rowing one. He is strong and capable but inexperienced. We’re planning a little training session for him but he’s clearly a green oarsman. We need a 3rd oarsman who’s experienced.
    Moderate Alcohol and smoking OK. No drugs please.
    Would you like to join us?

    I can certainly provide you with more information if you have any questions.
    Please email me at . I’m currently in Italy. Send me your number and I’ll call you so we can chat.

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