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    David Waller

    Have a permit for Sept 9, 2020, would like to meet 5 or 7 people who want to go…Dave

    Mark Mills

    Howdy Dave
    Interested? YES!
    Have raft and prior GC experience from 4 trips, 2 as permit holder.
    Kindly shoot me an e-mail
    Millsthysen at GEE mail dot com
    Whats up with the rescue?
    Take care


    Hi Dave,
    Would very much be interested in your trip next Sept. if you’re still looking for people to go. My last canyon trip was in Sept. 2015. My name is Mark Schneble (I know, what are the odds….another Mark) and you can reach me at or call 775-882-5233. I would like to hear details of your group (ie. rafting experience, size, ages, etc), and happy to answer any questions you may have about me and/or my experience. I should still have a profile online here which has lots of info.

    Until then,
    The Other Mark


    Martin offering rescue kayak. Did a trip July 2019 and July 2018 doing rescue down GC.

    The following is a copy of my ad in this forum:

    My name is Martin Ginsburg, from Redondo beach, Ca.
    I offer experienced rescue kayak support.
    Have been down upper and lower Grand 16 times.
    Cataract Canyon 5 times and multiple other trips offering kayak support.

    Latest Grand trips:
    July 2018 Grand trip via this website invite. Picked up 8 swimmers and 1 ghost boat.
    July 2019 Grand trip also invited via this website. Picked up 4 swimmers and 2 ghost boats.
    Below is a clip of me surviving Lava Falls

    My partner, April, is an R.N trauma, E.R. and flight nurse. She has full medical kit with EPI pen. She would be pleased to offer medical support, if necessary, and is an experienced rafter.

    We are easy to get along with and have experience with diverse groups. Non-smokers, light drinkers and Team Players.

    BEST to Contact me directly via email:
    If you need any references, I can direct you to our July 2018 and July 2019 trip participants.

    Thanks for the consideration
    Martin Ginsburg and April Marion

    Noah Standridge

    Heya Dave. The other other Mark (above) said you were putting together a GC trip. Ill vouch for Mark as a lot of fun on a trip and superb river experience, plus just a stand up guy. Not sure what you’re looking for but Ill assume its what Id also be looking for. Fun and safety and the ability to prevent problems (as much as possible) and be capable of getting out of them. My email is

    Ive done a few self-support, multiday river trips on western rivers. I had a permit for the GC a several years ago. Pulled it on my first try! well, life happened and couldnt go, but Id love to be considered for your trip. Ive got both rescue, medical certs, plus med kits (although sounds like the trauma nurse has a suitcase full of goodies : )

    Thanks for the offer, and shoot me an email if you want to chat more.

    Thanks, Noah

    David Waller

    we now have enough people, how do i take tis post down

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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