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    Hey Folks!
    As indicated above, I’m hoping to find a summer group within that timeframe to join. I am a “veteran” of two trips–the first being a learning experience (I knew the waves would be big, but THAT big!) and the second incredible (HA–this time I’m ready: decent sleeping bag, free-standing tent, boat-bunk, you name it!) I’m hoping the third trip both occurs and beats all those experiences?
    I think I’ll contribute quite a bit, to wit:
    -I’m a pretty affable guy. Bright (if I do say so myself), good sense of humor, tolerant of differing viewpoints. My grandfather once told me, “Dougie, everybody brightens a room: some by entering, and some by leaving!” Have to say the same is probably true of a campsite, and I work hard to stay in that former group. My climbing trips taught me that the keys to harmony include speaking only good of others, doing one’s own duties, and stepping up to do beyond that, too. I try to pay heed to all that.
    -I can contribute quite a bit of group gear, including: A great kitchen, with two long, tall tables. A Partner 4-burner stove, along with utensils, pots (restaurant-style buffet pans, as I saw how well they worked last summer on the Colorado), lotsa flatware, bowls, plates–you name it. Also own an Eco-Safe groover system and two tanks.
    -I can cart lots of stuff to the river. My lovely wife (who won’t be joining, as the trip is just a little long for her) gave me permission to trade the old Toyota in, so now I’m sporting a full-size, four-door, 4WD, with a shell on the box, and a 6X10 enclosed cargo trailer. I imagine I’ll be driving to Flagstaff from Albuquerque myself, so beyond me and my gear I’ll have lots of room for additional people, group gear, and kayaker’s personal gear. That same capacity will exist at either Diamond or Pearce, so maybe I could help save on the shuttle, too.

    -My boat can handle more than its fair share, too. After the first trip, I put together a 16′ Aire Lion cataraft with 42″ between the tubes. She can handle eight ammo cans (which I can also provide) between the tubes without any of them peeking above the frame, and with lots of room left over for other stuff, too.
    Regardless, if you had a full trip but lost someone, or are looking to fill your scorecard, I hope you’ll consider me. I have references–both personal, and video via the GoPro I wore on my helmet last year. If you think we might mesh, please respond to this note below and hopefully we’ll get in touch shortly! Thanks!

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