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Thanks to the 273 folks who responded to the 2012 Phase I GCPBA Opinion Poll! We asked your help in determining our short-term goals and focus of discussions; what, if any, issues may need to be addressed at the next CRMP review; and the long-term direction of GCPBA. The poll was posted at the following sites: GCPBA website, GCPBA yahoo groups, GCPBA facebook, Mountain Buzz and the raftzone.

From a list of 13 issues, participants were asked to indicate which four were most important to them. They were also asked to rank those four from 1 to 4, with #1 being the most important. (There was some confusion about what we were asking for, and we apologize for that.)

We have attached a stacked bar graph that summarizes the results. The issue that was chosen most often, and the one that was ranked #1 by the most people, was "More access for private river runners, summer, winter, shoulder seasons, or overall." Almost 58% of the participants – 157 of 273 – selected it in their top four, and 79 of those (just over half the 157) chose it as their #1 issue.

If you combine #1 and #2 rankings, the most important issue again seems to be, "More access for private river runners, summer, winter, shoulder seasons, or overall." The second most important is, "The Grand Canyon Escalade Project at the LCR," closely followed by "Glen Canyon Dam operations (LTEMP), high flows, steady flows, low flows, beach erosion, environment, etc."

Many thanks, also, to the 66 participants who wrote comments. We appreciate the many varied and good observations. Twleve of the comments mentioned wilderness and motors, 10 mentioned the survey itself, and four gave thanks to GCPBA for all that it does.

The GCPBA board will begin work on the Phase II GCPBA Opinion Poll at our annual meeting in Flagstaff on October 27. Phase II will be a follow-up to determine more of the specifics of your concerns about access, Glen Canyon Dam operations, and what (if any) development you would be willing to settle for at the LCR. (We will also discuss it at the annual Membership Meeting at the Radisson in Flagstaff on October 28 – we hope to see you there!)

Thanks again to everyone for participating. While this was not (and was not intended to be) a scientific poll, the results have given your GCPBA Board some good direction and ideas for GCPBA attention in the immediate and longer-range future.

Wally Rist,
President GCPBA

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