How to Contact GCPBA

1. Send us an email:

2. Send us postal mail:

809 W. Riordan Rd.
Suite 100, #431
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

7 Responses to How to Contact GCPBA

  1. dave kraig says:

    Hi, I must be a big dummy but I can’t figure out where to post or read posts of others looking to fill trips or get on them.

    I’d greatly appreciate if you’d point me to that link.


  2. John Price says:

    How do you post? Can read and pull up everything but can not post?

    • Mark says:

      Try going to “New Topic” on the far right once you’ve gone to the Forum section. You’ll have to choose which Forum you’re looking for (people wanting trips, or trips wanting people, etc).

  3. MichaelC says:

    I was kind of wondering why my profile says participant instead of member. When I joined I believe I did a life time membership….or am I wrong on that?

  4. Jenna Rice says:

    How do I edit a post on the forum that I’ve already made? Thanks.

  5. Brian Lee says:

    Having a difficult time trying to figure out how to post. Can you suggest anything?

  6. Brian Lee says:

    went to yahoo group. It directed to click on link at bottom of page. There is no link

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